10 things i like about me

a healthy dose of self-love

1. my life revolves around creativity

2. i have relatively few friends – but the ones i have are meaningful, loyal, and know me better than i know myself

3. i make a mean apple caramel cake

4. i can appreciate and get into literally all types of music (ok, exception of heavy metal – not sure if i’d ever get into that)

5. i love people of all races, religions, backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, and sexual orientations #nohate

6. i’m good at writing personal, handwritten letters

7. i have a knack for memorization

8. i’ve struggled with self-image over the years (haven’t we all?) but i think i’ve really grown into myself & i can honestly say i think i’m beautiful inside & out – not perfect – but beautiful

9. i can make fun of myself without being self-demeaning

10. i love taking care of my own physical and mental health, including pausing to write a list of things i like about myself

what are some reasons you love yourself? xx




a mixtape for my best friend

here’s to a friendship packed with magic, madness, and music.

  1. another one bites the dust // queen
  2. open arms // journey
  3. since u been gone // kelly clarkson
  4. do you believe in magic // aly & aj
  5. we are the champions // queen
  6. what i’ve been looking for // high school musical
  7. turn the pages // kris allen
  8. bailando // enrique iglesias
  9. thank you for the music // abba
  10. a girl like you // the princess and the pauper
  11. somebody to love // queen
  12. our truth // lacuna coil
  13. livin on a prayer // bon jovi

thanks for jamming out with me now & always.



10 book recommendations

10 amazing books by 10 amazing authors.

  1. the sorrow of war // bao ninh
  2. a tree grows in brooklyn // betty smith
  3. the power and the glory // graham greene
  4. mao’s last dancer // li cunxin
  5. the great gatsby // f. scott fitzgerald
  6. looking for alaska // john green
  7. adverbs // daniel handler
  8. revolution // jennifer donnelly
  9. jane eyre // charlotte bronte
  10. night // elie wiesel

words are powerful, and these books have affected who i am. what books have inspired you? xx

careers that i’ve actually considered

dare to dream.


  1. travel blogger
  2. diplomat
  3. coffee shop owner
  4. college professor
  5. singer-songwriter
  6. humanitarian
  7. journalist
  8. international marketer
  9. local community theatre actress
  10. environmental activist
  11. immigration lawyer
  12. children’s book author
  13. foreign language teacher
  14. princess
  15. philosopher

to be honest, i still host a small desire to be all of these.

favorites on YouTube*

*definitely not comprehensive

  1. Michael McIntyre (British stand-up comedy)
  2. Katherout (college girl channel)
  3. KevinsBackingTracks (acoustic karaoke channel)
  4. Welcome to Night Vale (podcast for existentialists or fans of the supernatural, the deep, and the weird)
  5. XHIT Daily (workout channel)
  6. morganlikesmusic (channel for songwriting/music inspiration)
  7. nigahiga (good old-fashioned YouTube comedy)
  8. Brian Regan (stand-up comedy, look for the terrible animated versions for an upgraded experience)
  9. John Oliver Last Week Tonight (kinda like Stephen Colbert crossed with a mini documentary, watch full episodes on YouTube)
  10. Louisa Wendorff (that one Blank Space/Style mashup is the bomb, great cover artist)
  11. Mandy Jiroux (easy dance tutorials)
  12. That Mitchell and Webb Look (white British Key & Peele, clips of their comedy sketches are on YouTube)
  13. Boyce Avenue (best acoustic cover band)
  14. Asian Beauty Secrets (beauty channel)
  15. AverageAsianDude (just dance videos for my solo dance parties, a gaming channel in general)


mixtape for him


all the songs that you should listen to/that remind me of you.

  1. love is christmas // sara bareilles
  2. cinderella // daughtry
  3. first date // blink-182
  4. ordinary day // vanessa carlton
  5. five minutes to midnight // boys like girls
  6. umbrella // marie digby
  7. hum hallelujah // fall out boy
  8. ink // coldplay
  9. tell her you love her // echosmith
  10. never let you go // third eye blind
  11. i wanna get better // bleachers
  12. superman // boyce avenue
  13. heartbeat // the fray
  14. tee shirt // birdy
  15. backseat serenade // all time low
  16. strong // one direction